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7 Things Experienced Home Inspectors Do Differently...

  1. An experienced home inspector will bond with the client at the beginning of the home inspection, explaining to them exactly what they are going to do, and in what sequence.

  2. They tell the client what THEIR role (the client's role) is in the inspection (so the client doesn't unknowingly interfere with the process or inspection sequence).

  3. An experienced home inspector will speak minimally during the inspection, allowing the home inspector to focus on the home, report, and notes.

  4. They verbally summarize 3 - 5 key inspection findings (with an emphasis on safety related or costly items) at the end of the home inspection. It is important not to overwhelm the client with verbal information.

  5. They will instruct the client to read the inspection report thoroughly and carefully. After they have done so, then they may they call the inspector with any questions they still may have. Area Wide Home Inspection is available to answer questions for the client, whether it be on the day of the home inspection, or several months after the service(s) were performed.

  6. An experienced home inspector will choose their words carefully, and neither over emphasize nor under emphasize inspection findings.

  7. They bring all necessary inspection equipment into the home (not leaving key items in their vehicle) at the beginning of the inspection. The inspector will use their time efficiently, and they will not need to make extra trips out to their vehicle during the inspection.

Reference: This information was originally sourced from Bruce H. Howe on LinkedIn

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