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Realtor's Experience with the Home Inspector of Area Wide Home Inspection.

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Click on the video below to hear one Comey & Shepherd realtor's first hand experience with Adam Crock, the sole home inspector and owner of Area Wide Home Inspection.

"What I really like about Adam is his educational approach that he takes with my clients through the inspection process. He takes tons of pictures and gives a very thorough very detailed report, but he always pulls the client aside and if there's an issue that he feels very strongly about he'll take them to the issue and explain why it's a problem and what they might possibly do to help take care of it. At the same time if it's something that's just normal minor home owner maintenance he also points that out and lets them know that it's not an issue, that it's just something that you have to take care of on a home when you own it, and he never panics anybody, so that is extremely important to me as a realtor."


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