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HVAC & Home Warranties - Perspective from a Home Inspector

Getting your HVAC system (furnace & air conditioner) serviced annually is part of normal home maintenance, and is very important. It’s the same as getting your car serviced when it’s due, in the way that it keeps your car running smoothly and can alert you to the possibility of bigger, more costly repairs. Getting the HVAC system serviced, keeps the equipment in good shape, and in some cases can alert you to the need for a possible future replacement of specialized components, up to the entire system.

When buying a home, it is wise to get a home warranty to cover the appliances in the home, in the event something fails during the first year or two of occupancy. It is during this first year or two of occupancy, that people are still becoming familiar with their new home, and they may not know all the ins and outs of their home. Home warranties can be helpful during that time period. Not only for peace of mind, but in the unfortunate event something expensive does fail, like an air conditioner for example.

Warranties are all unique, and can usually be extended beyond the initial time period. Some warranties may be a la carte, and will cover just kitchen appliances and clothes washers and dryers. Whereas others may cover bigger more costly appliances such as water heaters and HVAC systems. It is always wise to ask your realtor about home warranties when shopping for a new home, or if you’re selling your home. Sometimes offering potential buyers a home warranty, can make your home more attractive, for the potential buyer’s peace of mind.

Warranties that need to be utilized by the homeowner are more likely to honored by the warranty company, if the covered components have been serviced regularly, and not deemed “neglected”. So keep your HVAC system serviced, even if you don’t have a home warranty. It’s just part of being a good proactive homeowner.

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