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Small vs Large {Home Inspection Companies} in Cincinnati Ohio

There are benefits and drawbacks to working with both large and small home inspection companies.

Large companies tend to have more availability (schedule fills up at a slower rate because they have more inspectors). Also, while you may end up talking to the call center hired to manage their calls, you’re not likely going to reach voicemail when you call.

With a large company, you may also communicate with several different people from the start to finish of the home inspection process.

With a small company like Area Wide Home Inspection, you only communicate with the owner, so nothing is ever lost in translation.

From the initial contact when inquiring about various services - home inspection/radon test/ termite inspection/ mold air quality/ pool, etc. - to asking questions about the finished report, to follow up questions even months later, you have the same point of contact every time.

While I pride myself on thorough and timely communication, there may be times when a potential customer reaches my voicemail, because I don’t utilize a call center - there’s nothing wrong with companies that do, it’s just not how I operate.

Cincinnati Ohio Home Inspector
Home Inspector in Cincinnati Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

Also, my schedule generally fills up quickly, so I encourage potential clients to reach out as soon as their offer is accepted. Ideally they will have a 7-10 day inspection period to work with, however I have been able to schedule clients with shorter inspection periods successfully in some cases.

Your real estate agent should have recommendations of home inspectors for you, and will be able to help you determine what type of company would best suit your specific situation.

Area Wide Home Inspection - “I make the home inspection process easy and educational for the client, with thorough, easy to read reports.”

Have questions or need to schedule ? Reach out anytime!

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