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Why Drone Rooftop Inspections?

Q: Why do I avoid walking on rooftops to perform a roof inspection?

A: Walking on the roof should be avoided in order to prevent damage to the roof covering. This is especially true in extreme temperatures (cold temperatures causes shingles to be brittle, hot temperatures can cause them to become soft and pliable which can lead to damage from foot traffic).

I inspect rooftops by drone whenever possible to avoid damage caused by foot traffic. Also, in many cases the drone can get to places not otherwise accessible, and it has a much higher image quality compared to a regular camera, allowing for extreme zoom capability without losing resolution.

Q: Do I ever climb a ladder to check out the roof?

A: Yes, I put the ladder against the gutter at almost every inspection, to try to determine the age and condition of the roof covering, and the number of layers of roof covering from the top of the ladder/gutter level.

In addition to the ladder, I also have a 30 foot Doca Pole with a GoPro mounted to the top end. That serves as an alternative method to the drone in cases of inclement weather, or in areas where permission to fly the drone cannot be obtained from the FAA.

Do you have questions for me about rooftop inspections or anything else related to home inspection? Reach out anytime...

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