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Cincinnati Real Estate - The Home Inspection

As a Cincinnati area real estate agent you work hard for your clients, sometimes for months (or even years), before earning any commission. So when the stars align and you finally find your client ‘the one’ the last thing you want is for the deal to fall through due to a home inspector who acts as an ‘alarmist’ regarding the entire inspection report.

On the other hand, every experienced agent knows that ultimately what’s most important is that their client is happy with the end result long after the closing - and since their reputation as an agent hinges upon this, it’s imperative that they have a balanced, thorough home inspector to work with.

Area Wide Home Inspection provides thorough, easy to read reports, and honest ‘non-alarmist’ feedback to the client. Sure, there are cheaper companies out there who may fly through an inspection, cram as many jobs as they can into one day, and turn out an incomplete difficult-to-comprehend report. And there are certainly more expensive companies out there who will sell the client costly inspection packages, with many services that they may or may not actually need.

But at the end of the day, the best-fit when choosing your home inspector comes down to what your end goal is.

Reach out today and find out for yourself why Area Wide Home Inspection has 100% 5 stars on Google. Ask me why so many agents choose to work with me when they need home inspection services for themselves and/or their families. When everyone involved in the process has the same end-goal, transactions tend to run much smoother and have a more desirable outcome for all involved.


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