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Mold vs Air Quality Testing in Greater Cincinnati Ohio

Have you ever wondered if and when mold testing or air quality testing was necessary? A general rule of thumb that I go by is this - if you see something suspicious or smell something musty, get a test. Also, if you or a family member is very sensitive to mold, or has asthma or allergies or other respiratory issues, get a test.

If a mold-like substance is visible on a surface, a sample for testing can be collected by swabbing the area.

If mold is suspected to be present in the home or structure but is not visible, an air quality test can be performed. An air quality test collects any mold spores in the air of the home or structure.

Mold in Home Cincinnati Ohio Area Mold Testing

Both swabs and air quality samples are shipped overnight to a third-party laboratory to be analyzed. The laboratory sends the full report by email to me the next day (assuming the test samples were sent M-T). If sent on Friday, the report can be expected on Monday.

The report then gets forwarded to the paying customer. This report is detailed, and does lists specific types of mold, as well as levels present in the sample. If the report is concerning, I always recommend to the client to consult with a restoration company.

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