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Area Wide Home Inspection - Proud Supporter of The Dragonfly Foundation.

No family should have to deal with pediatric cancer, that's why I believe in supporting a local organization called The Dragonfly Foundation. The Dragonfly Foundation is based in Cincinnati Ohio, and delivers the best emotional, relational, and practical support systems for families affected by pediatric cancer.

A portion of every home inspection at Area Wide Home Inspection goes to support this organization. Another simple way to help out is by registering with Amazon Smile - by linking your Amazon account to Amazon Smile and choosing The Dragonfly Foundation as the beneficiary, Amazon will automatically give 5% of whatever you spend on Amazon back to support The Dragonfly Foundation. This does NOT COST YOU ANYMORE MONEY, it's a free service provided by Amazon.

You can find out more about The Dragonfly Foundation by visiting their website today

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