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Home Inspections - What to Expect During a Home Inspection

Cincinnati area realtor Drew Kaplan, with Keller Williams Realty, and Owner Adam Crock from Area Wide Home Inspection discuss the ins and outs of what to expect during a home inspection, this information is especially helpful to first time home-buyers.

2.5-3 hours is the approximate amount of time that a home inspection takes for a home under 1900 square feet. The time is of course greater for larger homes, according to Adam from Area Wide Home Inspection.

Ancillary services may be added to any home inspection such as a radon test, termite inspection, or mold sample collection for testing. While some home inspection companies outsource ancillary services, Area Wide Home Inspection doesn't outsource anything with exception to termite inspections performed in Kentucky.

"I give people discounts if they choose to add in those ancillary services, because at the end of the day, I'm in this business to help people, and I want to educate people," according to Adam.

Area Wide Home Inspection performs inspection services for both buyers and sellers. A pre-listing inspection allows sellers to be aware of and choose to address any issues with the house ahead of time, which can make the process go much more smoothly once they have a buyer ready to make the offer.

Reports are completed and made available the same day as the inspection in the majority of cases.


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