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Home Sellers - Prepare for the Home Inspection in These 10 Ways...

Home sellers can be prepared for a home inspection, ordered by the home buyer, in the following 10 ways.

  1. Make sure ALL attic and crawl space points of entry are able to be accessed, and are free of stored items blocking the way.

  2. Make sure any electrical panels are readily accessible, with clearance in front of the panel.

  3. All furnaces, water heaters, and sump pumps, should be accessible for inspection and testing.

  4. Any detached garages, pole barns, etc. should be accessible, if the buyer needs any of those areas inspected.

  5. Main water shut off’s, and main drain line clean out caps (if inside the home) should be accessible, to document the location and condition.

  6. Make sure ALL the utilities, such as gas, water, and electric are “on”, so that the house can operate normally, as a whole.

  7. Any pilot lights for appliances such as water heaters, older furnaces, gas fireplaces, etc., are lit and ready for the appliance to be tested.

  8. Ensure the water heater is filled, so it can operate normally.

  9. Make sure all pets are removed, or crated, so they don’t accidentally get out of the home during the inspection.

  10. Drawing ALL blinds, drapes, and curtains.

If all of these things are ready, a complete and successful inspection can take place. No home inspector wants an incomplete report, or have to return to the same property, just to perform a short inspection to complete the report.

Most home inspectors charge a re-inspection fee, but would rather not. If these 10 items are checked off, the job by the home inspector can be done thoroughly, without the need for any re-inspections.

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