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Waiving the Home Inspection - What Can Happen?

These images are all from the same home. The people chose to waive the home inspection to 'win the house'. And they did...

Unfortunately, they also won:

  • A non-functional 24 year old air conditioner (I performed the inspection on a day when it was around 90 degrees)

  • A cast iron main sewer drain line in bad condition, with a broken sewer main under the garage floor that backs up into the basement and garage floor drains and at the base of the basement toilet

  • A water heater flue not sealed at the wall spilling carbon monoxide into the basement of a home with no carbon monoxide detectors or smoke detectors

  • An un-insulated attic

  • A roof that’s at least 20 years old with very brittle shingles

  • The need for some foundation repair, and also undocumented foundation repair

Please, don’t waive the home inspection. These buyers may end up, upside down.

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